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What Is The Impact of Google's October 2022 Algorithm Update?

What Is The Impact of Google's October 2022 Algorithm Update?

Google's algorithm changes on a regular basis. Google used to release major updates every 6 months. However, Google now appears to update every month or even every two weeks. Of course, the goal of this announcement is to persuade website owners to make changes.

Ranking Algorithm Update from 22 October 2022

Google confirmed that their ranking algorithm was updated on October 22. This is beginning to have an effect on a number of websites. This algorithm update has harmed a large number of websites claiming to use white hat techniques.

This, however, is only a temporary effect. Typically, the website will experience a large swing at the start of the launch of Google ranking updates; however, it will recover in 1 or 2 weeks. Don't get too worked up, as this can lead to over-optimization.

Spam Algorithm Update 19-21 October 2022

This algorithm update is minor and has no significant impact on Google search rankings. So it appears that website owners who optimize their sites on a regular basis have nothing to worry about.

Unconfirmed Update October 13, 2022

Many SEO practitioners report on forums that their rankings have shifted slightly, but not significantly. Because of the breadth of this report, many have concluded that Google performed a significant algorithm update on October 13.

This can be seen on the Semrush sensor page, where SERP fluctuations were recorded at 6.0 on October 13.

The current fluctuating value is still quite normal, and fluctuating websites usually return to their original position within a week to two weeks. Unless a new competitor manages to keep its position during this update period. It is not recommended to make any changes because it is unclear what factors are used to evaluate this update. This update comes exactly one month after Google's core update on September 13th.

Core Algorithm Update September 13, 2022

Because this update has only been running for one day, there isn't much to say. As a result, some of you may experience a drop in rankings over the next week or two. We recommend that you continue with your usual SEO optimization routine. Don't freak out because it may cause you to over-optimize.

Helpful Content

Release Date: August 25, 2022 – September 9, 2022

Goal: Poor quality content that doesn't provide the solutions Google users are looking for

How it works: The Helpful Content Algorithm's purpose is to identify low-quality content. The bad news is that this site-wide effect of the algorithm update for beneficial content. This means that a website that includes one or more pages that Google has identified as not meeting the requirements for helpful material runs the risk of being "tagged," making it more challenging for the website to rank for other content.

The bad news above wasn't enough, so Google added another validation period. Therefore, if you uncover any of your material that has been impacted by this algorithm and you make corrections, the changes won't show up right away in the next crawl. According to Google, there will be a validation phase to ensure that our information is truly helpful to readers. The fact that this Helpful Content algorithm upgrade tries to make Google's indexing process easier is still a contentious topic in the SEO field. This is due to Google's indexing becoming increasingly challenging over the previous few months.

If Google actually removes pages from its index that it deems useless, many websites will lose backlinks. As a result of deleting these pages, almost all keywords will see significant SERP movement. Perhaps the impact will be greater than that of the Medic/YMYL algorithm, which was released a few years ago.

What Should You Do If Google Changes Its Algorithm?

Many websites will experience a jolt whenever Google updates its algorithm. But the best advice I can give is "do nothing." Don't be alarmed if your ranking drops when Google updates its algorithm.

Usually, the dropped rank will rise again after a week or two (algorithm update is complete). Only plan improvements if it has been nearly two weeks and your website rankings show no signs of improvement.

The improvements that will be made will be determined by which algorithm Google updates. Before you plan repairs, it's a good idea to do some research on the new algorithm. You can also look at websites that rank on the first page of Google after the algorithm update. You will notice the following:
  • Total length of the content
  • Variations in content (images and videos)
  • Website age
  • Website loading speed
  • Number of links on the page
  • The number of backlinks and referrals for domain names
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