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10 Best Apps and Websites for Writing Research Articles

10 Best Apps and Websites for Writing Research Articles

The research article is a critical component of any research project. These scientific journal articles serve as documentation of your work. The article will cover all aspects of your research, including the background and methodology, as well as the findings of your experiments or observations. Writing such articles, however, is a difficult task! You must keep track of all the information required to properly create and organize it. This article will provide you with a list of apps and websites that can assist you with this process:


Scopus.com is a database with over 25 million publications from over 5,000 publishers and 15,000 conference proceedings. Scopus.com provides journal articles as well as book chapters in science and related fields. You can also learn how many times a paper has been cited, who has published in that journal, and what the journal's impact factor is.

Publish or Perish

Publish or Perish is software that finds and analyzes academic citations. It gathers raw citations from various data sources, analyzes them, and displays various citation metrics such as the number of papers, total citations, and h-index. The output is displayed on the screen and can be copied to the Windows or macOS clipboard (for pasting into other applications) or saved in a variety of formats (for future reference or further analysis). Publish or Perish includes a comprehensive help file with search tips and more information on citation metrics.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar also offers unrestricted access to academic journals via their subscription service, ResearchEd.Google Scholar is a search engine that indexes all scientific literature. This search engine can help you find articles, books, and other scholarly materials from a wide range of disciplines and sources. There are also citations for research papers, reviews, and bibliographies. The citation tracking feature in Google Scholar helps you identify high-quality, credible research sources, which is useful if you've cited an article in your paper but aren't sure what other articles have cited it as well. Google Scholar's subscription service, ResearchEd, also provides unrestricted access to academic journals. 


Mendeley is one of the market's most effective reference managers. It's free and easy to use, with a powerful mobile app and an equally powerful desktop app. Mendeley also integrates well with third-party applications such as Zotero and Google Docs. Mendeley is the best option if you want a complete solution for organizing your references and making them accessible wherever you go.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a fantastic app for writers and translators. This freeware can translate text in multiple languages and works offline. The interface is straightforward, making it easy to find what you're looking for. You can use Google Translate to translate words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs from English to Spanish (and vice versa). When visiting another country or traveling abroad on business, this app can also be used as a translation tool. Simply type the text/word you want to translate into another language, and this app will immediately display the meaning in that language!


Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker that also checks punctuation and style. Grammarly also checks for plagiarism, so you can be confident that your work is unique. The free version of Grammarly will alert you if you have errors in your writing but will not offer corrections or suggestions on how to improve them. The premium version provides access to advanced features such as plagiarism detection and writing style analysis. The free version is available as a desktop app, browser extension, or iOS or Android mobile app.


QuillBot paraphrasing allows you to write more efficiently, effectively, and intelligently. This rewrite tool is free and easy to use—with a single click, the tool will rearrange your sentences, paragraphs, essays, or articles to your liking, with numerous options to customize and fine-tune your rewritten text.
QuillBot also has useful features for writers, such as the ability to recognize long sentences (which are typically more difficult for readers to understand) and generate a list of synonyms from which you can select a word or two with similar meanings. It even recommends ways to improve your writing style based on the length and complexity of each sentence - a feature I especially like when editing my own articles!


Bibliometrix is a free and open source tool for performing extensive science mapping analyses on scientific literature. To be flexible and easy to integrate with other statistical and graphics packages, Bibliometrix is written in R. Indeed, bibliometrics is a dynamic science that can rapidly scale up and integrate. Its development can support a large and active developer community made up of leading researchers. Bibliometrix includes routines for importing bibliographic data from SCOPUS, Web of Science Clarivate Analytics, Dimensions, PubMed, and the Cochrane database, as well as bibliometric analysis and data matrix creation for co-citation, coupling, scientific collaboration analysis, and co-word analysis.


VOSviewer is a program that allows you to create and visualize bibliometric networks. Individual journals, researchers, or publications, for example, can be included in these networks, which can be constructed using citations, bibliographies, co-citing, or co-author relationships. Text mining functionality is also included in VOSviewer, which can be used to create and visualize co-occurrence networks of key terms extracted from scientific literature.

Google Data Studio/Looker Studio

Google Data Studio is a free online tool that allows you to create reports, dashboards, and visualizations. This app is for you if you've ever been asked to create a visual report for a work or school project. This app is ideal for analyzing data across multiple platforms, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Ads, thanks to its drag-and-drop interface. What is the most enjoyable aspect? Because it is so simple to use, anyone with basic computer skills can use it.

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